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326 China Road / Albion, ME 04910 / 207-437-4567

Customer Testimonials

The folks at Kennebec Timber Framing are a pleasure to work with.  Jill and David were patient with our questions, accommodating of design changes, and helpful with suggestions.  Their professionalism is topped only by the finished product, truly a work of art. The barn frame is magnificent!  As word has gotten around, drive-by traffic has picked up on our dead-end road.

Best Regards,
John & Mary

Once we made the decision to build a timber frame lake house in Maine, our very first challenge was to identify an experienced, quality builder that could understand our "living style" and be able to incorporate our style into our home. After much research and many meetings, we settled in on Kennebec Timber Framing.

After our first meeting with David Frankenfield, it became an easy decision. David's ability to grasp our "wants and needs" along with his cooperative attitude quickly gained our trust. Because we live some 300 miles from the lake house site, we needed to be sure we engaged someone we could rely on to not only perform quality work but who could also make on-the-spot judgments relative to day to day issues that arise on any construction project.

We could not be more pleased on all counts as Kennebec Timber Framing has exceeded our expectations. The technical aspect of any building project is a challenge, but the people interaction of all stakeholders is also most important. We would not hesitate to recommend Kennebec Timber Framing to any potential owner and intend to reengage them in our future phases of construction.

Joseph N. D.

Dear David,

After two months of working in and around our new barn, I wanted to write and let you know how pleased Jim and I are with virtually every aspect of the building. It meets all of our expectations in terms of ease of performing chores, comfort for our animals, and beautiful design. You contributed no small part by way of your guidance during the initial design stage, and your patience with us as we dithered about the placement of the feed room, and you skill in custom designing the hay door window. Your commitment to the aesthetic aspect of the project as well as structural common sense convinced us that we had made the right choice with Kennebec Timber Framing.

Everyone who has visited the barn has been most impressed with the traditional design elements of the structure and the quality of materials used. And of course, everyone wants to know who built it. I would be happy to serve as a reference for you, particularly since I never tire of showing off the barn to anyone who comes to see it.

Yours truely,
Cynthia W.

In November 2002 David Frankenfield contracted to build us a 30’x44’ barn adjacent to our home. David helped us design the building and plan the overall construction. He provided a descriptive contract and detailed specifications of the proposed barn.

The end result is a well constructed, neat building that has the appearance we wanted. All dealings with Kennebec Timber Framing were satisfactory. We were pleased with their overall performance and would employ them at another time.

James R.

We have enjoyed working with you on my "project" and can't thank you and your crew enough for all your efforts and the end result is just "gorgeous"!

All the best to you,

David, Jill, and Jake,

We are so excited about our beautiful new post and beam home. I can’t tell you how “filled up” I felt when I came home and saw it raised on that first day. Everything about it just feels right. It feels so wholesome and natural. This is our fourth house we’ve built and I’ve never felt this way before. And I LOVE the stairs!

Thanks for your great work!
Rachel and Randy W.