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Featured Projects

The Windsor Round House

This 40’ Decagon is framed using Eastern White Pine and is two and a half stories plus a cupola.

Set on top of a mountain in Vermont, this home is breathtaking any way you look at it.

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Pemaquid Trail Home

The rocky Maine coast: one of our home state’s most famous features. Nothing compares to it — the salty breeze blowing off the water, gulls crying high in the blue sky as the frigid waves beat rhythmically against the shore. Standing only a couple hundred feet from the ocean, the Pemaquid Trail Home is perfectly positioned to take in the view. This frame features heavy timber stairs, a screen room, and a gable dormer looking out over the bay. 

The couple that own this frame had built houses several times before, intending the Pemaquid Trail frame to be their retirement home. Here’s what they had to say about the finished project: 

“We are so excited about our beautiful new post and beam home. I can’t tell you how ‘filled up’ I felt when I came home and saw it raised on that first day. Everything about it just feels right. It feels so wholesome and natural. This is our 4th house we’ve built and I’ve never felt this way before. And I LOVE the stairs! Thanks for your great work!” — Rachel and Randy W.

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Moosehead Trail Barn Home

Settled in a cornfield in Northern Maine, the Moosehead Trail Barn Home incorporates history and family heritage. Built in the classic barn home style, this structure also features a chalet-style overlook with views stretching on for miles.

A number of the timbers used in the frame were repurposed from a circa 1880 barn, in the same family from generation to generation. To match these reclaimed pieces, we coupled an all-natural stain with several distressing techniques. This method gave the newer wood the illusion of age, bringing together the past and the present.

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Flying Pond Frame

This 16’ x 34’ great room is the centerpiece for this hilltop lake house in Maine.  Sure to be filled with memories and last for generations. 

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Prattsville Barn Home

This stunning 25’ x 40’ barn home has two 10’ x 40’ sheds.  While this particular frame is going to be used as a home, this design would make a great animal barn as well!  This particular frame features a radius detail on the rafter tails of the sheds; one of the many beautiful aspects of this frame.

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