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What We Build - Barns

Featured Projects

Event Barn

This 40’ x 84’ event barn is situated on the shores of a beautiful Maine lake.  It is perfect for hosting any event from weddings to family reunions to holiday gatherings.  This barn features three gorgeous cupolas that are as impressive in size as the barn itself while also giving this large barn a classic New England feel.

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Bank Barn

Residing in the western foothills of Maine, this spacious 40’ x 84’ Bank Barn is perfect for a multitude of uses.  It could be used as an event barn, a horse barn, a storage barn, a studio or anything else you can dream up.  Offering ample space is this barns prime objective; featuring an open layout and full basement.

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The Lovejoy Barn

Located on one of the oldest farmsteads in the Kennebec River Valley, the Lovejoy Barn was built in 2017 to replace a circa 1795 barn. Styled in the classic Maine vernacular, this project is perched on a hilltop, overlooking two ponds below and breathtaking mountain vistas to the west.

With a full dormer and 6 foot square hip roof cupola, the Lovejoy Barn holds its own kind of beauty against the backdrop of the Maine woods. Crafted from a mixture of circular sawn local hemlock and white pine timbers, the inside of the barn is just as impressive. Featuring live edged railings alongside heavy timber stairs, the attention to detail makes the space as attractive as it is functional.

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Cape Cod Art Studio

This customized timber framed art studio on Cape Cod is a 30’ x 40’ frame with double lofts and heavy timber stairs.  It is the ideal place to display pieces of art while also creating even more!  That being said, this art studio is not limited to that particular use, you could use this barn to fit a wide variety of needs from living space, to storage and more.  How would you use this unique building?

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Beaver Hill Bank Barn

The Beaver Hill Bank Barn is a stunning result of the combination of Kennebec Timber Framing’s intentional craftsmanship and our customer’s passions. Built in 2016 at the crest of Beaver Hill, this barn overlooks Central Maine’s rolling hills of farm and forest.

Collaboration was key in the construction of this barn. Harvested from our client’s personal woodlot, the wide pine boards that make up the roof sheathing were sawed by both us and our client himself. Live edged, wide-sawn hemlock railings surround a 12’ square, open loft detail upstairs. However, the real star of this project is the 6’ by 6’ cupola, topped by a prized weathervane — the inspiration behind the job. With a custom stand welded for the piece by our client’s nephew, our job was made easier, and the outcome made, not only beautiful, but meaningful.

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Northport Barn

This barn is the perfect addition to this classic New England home.  Nestled high on the hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this 24’ x 28’ frame will house vehicles, but could be used for a wide variety of needs.  This frame also has a beautiful 12’ shed dormer on the lake side to look out onto the landscape while enjoying the quality comfort inside of the frame.

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Harvest Moon Barn

Raised in a newly cleared field on the banks of a small lake, this barn will become the headquarters of a Central Maine apple orchard. Truly an agricultural barn, this structure will see peaches, berries, and Christmas trees, as well as the orchard’s apples

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Camden Barn

Directly seated on the craggy coast of Maine, this stunning 24’ x 36’ barn can be used for a variety of needs; a guest house, storage, or even animals!  This barn has a common rafter roof with a deep overhang on one side designed to keep canoes, kayaks, or firewood safe and dry.

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China Lake Barn

This 24’ x 28’ barn is the perfect size for a multitude of needs.  Stack wood, house animals, or entertain in this gorgeous timber frame.  This particular frame is settled off the shore of a stunning Maine lake; ready to withstand the test of time.

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Friendship Barn

Featuring two 12’ sheds, this mammoth barn sits in a craggy Atlantic cove just off the coast of Maine.  This custom design allows storage for a large boat beneath with spacious living arrangements above.  This barn is a fantastic example of one of the many timber frames we have designed to fit a client’s custom needs.  We were able to work closely with this client to design, cut and raise their frame with precision and excellence.

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