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326 China Road / Albion, ME 04910 / 207-437-4567

Why Kennebec Timber Framing?

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At Kennebec Timber Framing…

We have Focus and Experience

We specialize in the design, crafting, and raising of Timber Frames, from small sheds to massive three-story barns. Our background includes experience in all kinds of construction — we know what it takes to get the job done.

We are Craftsmen Who Love What We Do

All of our joinery is hand-cut, skillfully finished with a chisel and a coat of wax. We have a passion for wood and enjoy knowing that our work will far outlast us.

We are a Small Business

Family owned and operated: when you call us, you talk with an owner, not a salesman. David, Jill, and Jacob are a hands-on team — your project is important and valued.

We Use Native Timber

Our logs are hand-selected and locally sourced from conservative foresters, log yards, and private woodlots. This sustainable practice is good for the local economy, while also reducing fuel consumption. Eastern White Pine and Hemlock, rough or planed, is our choice, though we can also cut frames out of other wood species.

We Have Zero Wood Waste

Efficiency is a key part of our operation at Kennebec Timber Framing. Each timber that comes through our shop is used in its entirety — sawdust and shavings are collected and used for bedding in three local farms, while every timber cut off is split and burned to heat our shop in the winter.