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Timber Frames

What is Timber Framing?

Timber Framing is the centuries-old craft of building by joining heavy timbers using mortise and tenon joinery. The joinery is secured with hardwood pegs (sometimes referred to as ‘tree nails’). This historic building method, which predates the use of iron nails, was frequently used hundreds of years ago. There are many examples of early Timber Frame structures in America that date back to the late 1600s which are still standing and in use today, and many more in Europe from the 13th and 14th centuries.

After the industrial revolution and during the early 20th century, the construction method of ‘stick framing’ rose to popularity. A fast increase in population during this time necessitated more structures for living and working. Aided by the new availability of manufactured nails and lumber products, homes and buildings were produced quickly and cheaply this way.

The longevity of structures was sacrificed for mass production.

Fast forward to the late 60s and early 70s.

A revival of the Timber Frame methods began. Homeowners began to desire new ways of building, and craftsmen responded by reviving the ‘old ways’. Excitement about Timber Framing was renewed and has been growing steadily ever since.

Benefits of Timber Framing

There are many benefits to Timber Framed homes, barns, and outbuildings. Structures built using this method have a solid, historical feel to them. Many Timber Frame buildings from hundreds of years ago are still standing tall today, proving the longevity of the frame and the legacy they hold within families and communities. The strength and quality of a Timber Frame is unmistakable –without a doubt, it will continue to be enjoyed for many generations to come.

In addition to being long-lasting, Timber Frames are also very versatile. By nature of the way they are built, Timber Frames lend themselves to open floor plans with many design options. Wide spacing between bents and posts allow for freedom in placement of doors and windows, allowing larger than average areas for glass. This combination of openness, natural light, and exposed wood make a Timber Frame a beautiful option for any building. Timber Frames can also be incredibly efficient. With the option of enclosing the frame with our insulated wall and roof panels, the Timber Frame structure becomes highly energy-efficient, allowing for reduced heating and cooling costs.