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326 China Road / Albion, ME 04910 / 207-437-4567

Pemaquid Trail Home

The rocky Maine coast: one of our home state’s most famous features. Nothing compares to it — the salty breeze blowing off the water, gulls crying high in the blue sky as the frigid waves beat rhythmically against the shore. Standing only a couple hundred feet from the ocean, the Pemaquid Trail Home is perfectly positioned to take in the view. This frame features heavy timber stairs, a screen room, and a gable dormer looking out over the bay. 

The couple that own this frame had built houses several times before, intending the Pemaquid Trail frame to be their retirement home. Here’s what they had to say about the finished project: 

“We are so excited about our beautiful new post and beam home. I can’t tell you how ‘filled up’ I felt when I came home and saw it raised on that first day. Everything about it just feels right. It feels so wholesome and natural. This is our 4th house we’ve built and I’ve never felt this way before. And I LOVE the stairs! Thanks for your great work!” — Rachel and Randy W.

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