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Beaver Hill Bank Barn


Location: Maine, USA Date: 2016

The Beaver Hill Bank Barn is a stunning result of the combination of Kennebec Timber Framing’s intentional craftsmanship and our customer’s passions. Built in 2016 at the crest of Beaver Hill, this barn overlooks Central Maine’s rolling hills of farm and forest.

Collaboration was key in the construction of this barn. Harvested from our client’s personal woodlot, the wide pine boards that make up the roof sheathing were sawed by both us and our client himself. Live edged, wide-sawn hemlock railings surround a 12’ square, open loft detail upstairs. However, the real star of this project is the 6’ by 6’ cupola, topped by a prized weathervane — the inspiration behind the job. With a custom stand welded for the piece by our client’s nephew, our job was made easier, and the outcome made, not only beautiful, but meaningful.

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