About Kennebec Timber Framing

David Frankenfield has been involved in construction for over 31 years. Previous to going into business he was involved home building, barn restoration and the construction of barns and garages.

“I started in business creating Kennebec Carpentry Services in the spring of 1998. I began as a “stick framer” building from the ground up -on location- statewide. Concrete slabs and light excavation were also a large part of that business .We began receiving calls to build barns in 2000 with many customers requesting the use of timbers. While I was not using traditional joinery in those first few jobs the satisfaction level was high as I knew that this is how it should be done. With these experiences I practiced incorporating mortise and tenon joinery, scarf joinery, dovetail joists and other joints into our structures with great success.”

In 2004 we changed the name of the company to Kennebec Timber Framing, Inc. and in doing so commited ourselves to high quality timber frames--using no metal plates and designing all of the joinery in our frames.

“This was a largely transitional time for our company, we were no longer doing 20+ buildings a year. Instead we decided to specialize in the crafting the timber frames and insulated enclosures. In 2005 we built our new shop and we added the manufacturing of insulated panels for our enclosure system. In 2006 we added a CAD drafting program called Dietrich's. It is made solely for the drawing of heavy timbered structures (timber frames). In 2007 and we added a Wood mizer band saw mill. This gives us the flexibility to mill our own timber and hand pick our logs for the highest quality.

Jill Frankenfield has been with Kennebec Timber Framing since 1998 and is a founder. She is very involved with the day to day operations of both the shop and the office. Jill is very knowledgeable about timber framing and heads up the CAD department producing all of the detailed shop drawings needed for the shop floor. Jill is often the first person you will speak to and she is the smiling face on the other end of the phone.

Jacob Frankenfield has been full time with Kennebec Timber Framing since June of 2014. He brought with him 6 years of working summers, raising frames &  preforming general carpentry. Jacob brings much enthusiasm to the shop each day and is a caring craftsman with a eye for details. Jacob cuts with precision and is a key team member with Kennebec Timber Framing.


Kennebec Timber Framing has the Knowledge and Experience to help you Design, Craft, and Raise your Timber Framed Home, Barn or Outbuilding.