The design process:

This process usually begins with a meeting to discuss ideas with the customer usually involving pencil sketching and brainstorming. We then take the ideas from paper to our CAD program to begin the design. Our goal is to give the customer the frame he or she wants. We strive to meet that goal with a high degree of customer service, attention to detail and focusing our attention on only one frame at a time. 


Kennebec Timber Framing uses Dietrich’s to design timber frames, and to produce shop drawings for cutting our frames. This is a 3-D Cad software specifically designed for use within the timber framing industry. This software allows us to design your frame and detail all of the joinery showing you your complete timber frame in three dimensional detail before even one cut is made.

If you are going to use our Insulated Panels to enclose your frame, you would receive double benefits from having us also draw your timber frame. We can design the panels on your frame in the drawing using our CAD program and place the window and door cutouts in the exact locations, allowing us to pre-cut the openings in the shop when we make the panels.